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Your own recreational home in the Netherlands

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  • A second home in the Netherlands
  • Located on private land
  • On a newly built park in Drenthe

Invest in a second home in the Netherlands

Are you searching for a vacation home in the Netherlands that can provide you with monthly rental income and also be used for your own recreational purposes? HUB Resorts is realizing an Eco-Resort in Drenthe, called Drentse Weelde. The recreational homes at this park are available from €235,000, on private land and suitable for 4 to 6 people. Would you like to receive more information about the purchase of a vacation home in the Netherlands, the returns or the possibilities? You can easily request the brochure without any obligation.

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A value-added investment

A newly built vacation home in the Netherlands can be a valuable investment, offering both resale value and monthly returns. The advantage of Resort Drentse Weelde is the undeveloped park, which may increase home value.  Housing quality and location also affect value. For this reason, we decided to construct eco-friendly and contemporary vacation homes in a unique location in Drenthe. Would you like to receive advice or learn more about this unique investment opportunity?

A vacation home in the Netherlands

Is a place to:

    Vacations to celebrate
    Monthly returns to be achieved
    Remote working
    A place to gather with friends and family

The province of dolmens and stunning natural areas

Drenthe is known for its dolmens, but most people visit this province for its various natural areas. The Drentse Weelde borders the stunning National Park Drents-Friese Wold, while a little further away lies National Park Dwingelerveld. Discover the breathtaking natural scenery by exploring the numerous biking and hiking trails on horseback or by horse-drawn carriage. Have you had enough of nature for the day? The city of Assen is just 20 minutes away, while Groningen is 40 minutes away by car. Or take the children to explore the Kingdom of the Gnomes, the treetops in Drouwen, or Wildlands Adventure Zoo in Emmen. You can also visit the impressive Westerbork, which is a 20-minute drive from Resort Drentse Weelde. 

An impression of Resort Drentse Weelde

Buying a vacation home in the Netherlands with HUB Resorts

Buying a second home is tricky and requires an informed decision. Because carefree relaxing is high on our list of priorities, we accompany you throughout the purchase process. After the purchase, our rental organization takes all the work off your hands. They are responsible for the rental and maintenance. You can easily keep track of your occupancy, billing, and reviews in real-time via our reservation system. If you plan to use the recreational home, you can contact our rental organization through this system as well. Curious about all the options?

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