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Letting, management and returns HUB

Letting, management and returns

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How does the rental, management and return work at HUB Resorts?

Choosing HUB Resorts means choosing a solid investment without worries. Holiday homes in beautiful nature and peaceful surroundings are very popular for short or longer holidays. The HUB Resorts team ensures optimal occupancy and maximum returns. Both the holiday homes and the park are maintained by HUB Resorts. Everything is taken care of, down to the details.

Our rental formula

Our rental formula is based on a pool model. This means that all rental income from the resort, after deduction of commission and costs, is distributed among the individual owners by means of a distribution key. The distribution key is based on the type of holiday home and its location. This smart calculation method prevents differences between the returns of different owners of the same type of holiday home.

Management and maintenance of the park and your accommodation

As owner, HUB Resorts takes care of everything for you when it comes to the operational activities related to the letting, including the management and maintenance of your holiday home. From the reception of the guests, the cleaning and care of linen to the garden maintenance and the annual major cleaning and maintenance. Small maintenance, replacement in case of breakage and, if necessary, replenishing the inventory are also taken care of for you. All of it aimed at keeping the quality and the quality experience in and outside your holiday home at the highest level. To cover the operational costs incurred for this, part of the rental income, in the form of a park contribution, is reserved for HUB Resorts.

The management agreement

As the owner of a holiday home, you enter into a management agreement with HUB Resorts, who organizes the management and maintenance of the resort and the holiday homes on behalf of all owners. You will pay an annual contribution, called park charges, which is used for the management and maintenance of, things including greenery, infrastructure, amenities and facilities. The amount of the park charges is proposed annually in the budget by HUB Resorts.

The returns

Payment of the rental income takes place afterwards per month, including settlement for any personal use. The rental prices are set annually by HUB Resorts. In the return calculation, you can read how the (expected) return is determined. HUB Resorts makes every effort to continuously optimize the return for the owners. One of the ways we do this is by applying flexible bookings and dynamic pricing.