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Buying a holiday home in Drenthe

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  • Sustainable holiday homes
  • For private use or renting out
  • With private spa options
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Buy the holiday home of your dreams in Drenthe

Have you always dreamed of buying your very own holiday home? At HUB Resorts, you can! At our Eco Resort Drentse Weelde, you can buy a holiday home in Drenthe, where you can not only enjoy your proud possession for yourself, but where you will also benefit from attractive rental income. Whatever your reason may be, buying a holiday home in Drenthe is a stable value investment. Will you choose to rent out your property? Then you will be completely taken care of by our professional rental agency. Come enjoy and earn at Eco Resort Drentse Weelde, located in the middle of unspoiled nature.


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Our holiday homes at the Drentse Weelde

When you choose to purchase a holiday home in Drenthe, you will enjoy both water and nature to the fullest. The holiday homes are facing the water, which means you are always provided with a beautiful view.  The holiday homes are suitable for 2 to 8 people and were built in a sustainable manner. All homes are gasless, all-electric and are fitted with a heat pump and solar panels. This will ensure that you are fully prepared for the future!  At the resort, nature takes center stage, and this is reflected in both the resort and the homes. Buying a sustainable holiday home in Drenthe is a hassle-free investment. Interested? Please check out our offer below.

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Invest in and enjoy the primeval region of Drenthe

Would you like to buy a holiday home in Drenthe, and have you decided to partially or fully rent it out? HUB Resorts takes care of all your rental needs. From marketing to the reservation process, customer contact, and cleaning. Everything will be taken care of for you!  You will obtain an attractive return and can enjoy your investment without the hassle. All of our guests, as well as you as the owner, may also enjoy the high-quality amenities at our holiday resort. There are play and sports areas, a supermarket, and a restaurant with a panoramic view of the creek. And you will find many cycling, mountain biking, and hiking trails in the area. Opt for a great return in a wonderful location!

Why HUB Resorts?

  • Spacious lots on private land
  • Directly adjacent to National Park Drents-Friese Wold
  • Gas-free with heat pump and solar panels
  • Professional rental and property management by HUB Resorts
  • Spa options
  • Distinctive architecture with lots of diversity

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