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HUB Resorts Verkoop
HUB Resorts open days

Visit us during the open house

Curious about the parks?
Herber would like to personally inform you about the interesting opportunities.
  • Personal tailored advice
  • In Drenthe and Zeeland
  • Luxurious and sustainable vacation homes

HUB Resorts open house

There are currently no open house days planned.  We offer you ongoing opportunities to schedule a viewing with an advisor or take a no-obligation tour of the park.

Contact us and schedule your viewing!

Are you ready to experiencethe ultimate?

There are no open days scheduled at this time.

Feel free to make a personal appointment at one of our HUB Resorts.

Do you want to make an appointment within a day? Then please contact us by phone.
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Get a taste of Herber ⤵

Herber Blokland

What to expect?

Herber and our advisors are ready to help and walk the parks with you.

✔️ Customized and professional advice
✔️ Personal presentation, explanation
✔️ Visiting the (construction) site
✔️ Tasting the atmosphere during the tour
✔️ Expert buying guidance from a to z
✔️ Everything under one roof

Here's where to find Resort Drentse Weelde ⤵

Here's where to find Resort Knuitershoek ⤵