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Buying a waterfront recreation home

Buy your own recreation home by the water in The Netherlands

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  • Purchase guidance from experts in the region
  • Situated by the water
  • Sustainable investment and enjoyment

Do you want to buy a sustainable vacation home by the water?

Have you always dreamed of buying a recreational home for yourself or as an investment? At HUB Resorts, we offer several recreational homes by the water at Drentse Weelde and Knuitershoek. Now is the right time to do this. Interest rates are low, which is why it is ideal to buy a recreational home by the waterin Zeeland or Drenthe now. If you choose to rent out your recreational home, this will be done by our professional rental organization. This way you will also receive an interesting return! Of course, you can also choose to partly stay in the home yourself. 

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Vacation home by the water for sale

You can buy a vacation home by the water at our resort Drents Weelde or Knuitershoek. Did you know that our beautiful recreational homes by the water are also sustainable?  With current energy prices, it is becoming increasingly interesting to invest in sustainability as well. Our vacation villas are almost completely energy neutral and do not use gas. They are built using sustainable materials.  When you buy a recreational house they will be delivered complete with an interior package. Think of the sanitary fittings of the bathroom, toilet, the finishing of the walls, kitchen, and PVC floor finish. You can choose from three different styles, namely: Glossy, Forest, and Rust. 

Why buy a vacation home by the water with HUB Resorts?

  • Professional rental agency
  • Attractive rental returns
  • Carefree enjoyment by the water
  • In the tourist area of Drenthe and Zeeland
  • Spacious lots
  • An immediate 4% return over all construction periods

Experience the atmosphere of our recreational homes by the water


What activities are available in the area?

At our resort, nature is the focus and the facilities are also designed sustainably. Resort Drentse Weelde is adjacent to the national park the Drents-Friese Wold. It is one of the largest nature reserves in the Netherlands and even one of the most beautiful and important nature reserves in Europe. Your recreational home by the water is just 20 kilometers from Assen.  You will also find the Drents Museum, prison village Veenhuizen, Kamp Westerbork, the Dolmens, and recreational area Baggelhuizen in the vicinity, ideal for a day out! 

From Resort Knuitershoek you can walk to the seawall of the Western Scheldt. Here you can go cycling, hiking, or swimming. And not to mention relax, because time is your most precious possession. Visit Antwerp, Terneuzen, Goes, Middelburg and Vlissingen. Nature reserve The Verdronken Land van Saeftinghe is also well worth a visit! It is a huge salt marsh area with sandbars. Thousands of birds can be spotted there! Be amazed by all that Drenthe and Zeeland have to offer you!

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