• Purchase assistance by local experts
  • Completely gas-free and all-electric
  • With a heat pump and solar panels

Looking for a sustainable holiday home?

If you want to buy a sustainable holiday home, HUB Resorts is the place to be. We currently have several types of luxurious and sustainable homes for up to 7 people for sale at Eco Resort Drentse Weelde and Knuitershoek. These homes are not just constructed sustainably, but are completely gas-free, all-electric, and come with a heat pump and solar panels. When you buy a sustainable holiday home from us, and if you choose to rent it out, you will be completely taken care of by our professional rental agency and receive an attractive return. How great is that? Of course, you can also choose to partially enjoy the property yourself.


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With current energy prices, it has become increasingly worthwhile to invest in a sustainable holiday home. Our homes in Drenthe and Zeeland are almost completely energy neutral, making them completely future-proof!  HUB Resorts ensures optimal occupancy and maximized returns. In addition, we also take care of the maintenance of both the resort and the property, this makes buying a sustainable holiday home a hassle-free investment. You can also choose to combine rental and personal use with us, so that you can enjoy your eco lodge at our holiday resort by yourself. Interested? Then please check out our range of eco holiday homes.

A highlight of our wonderful homes:


Sustainability is at the heart of our eco resort

While your holiday home is sustainable, nature also takes center stage at our resorts, and the paths and facilities are sleek and sustainably designed. For example, flora and fauna are taken into account and you will find insect hotels, nesting boxes for birds, and a variety of vegetation for amphibians, dragonflies, and butterflies. Our resorts also offers numerous facilities, including play and sports areas, such as a yoga spot; a supermarket; and a restaurant overlooking the creek. Both you and your guests will never be bored!  Also, the surroundings of the Drents Weelde and Knuitershoek are beautiful, indeed. The holiday resorts are located near the beautiful National Park Drents-Friese Wold and the Verdronken Land van Saeftinghe (Drowned Land of Saeftinghe). Have you become interested in buying our sustainable holiday homes? Then please check out our offer, visit our open house days, or get in touch with us.

Why buy a holiday home from HUB Resorts?

  • Spacious lots of private land
  • Directly adjacent to nature reserves
  • Professional rental and property management
  • Very profitable returns when rented out
  • Carefree enjoyment and earning

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