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Invest in vacation home

Invest in a vacation home

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  • Sustainable investment
  • Attractive yield
  • Luxurious recreation homes

Invest in a recreation home at HUB Resorts

Who does not dream about it? A private vacation home in a beautiful location where you or your guests can fully enjoy yourselves.  If you want to profit from an attractive monthly rental income with an interesting yield, HUB Resorts is your partner for renting out your vacation home at eco resort Drentse Weelde and Knuitershoek. As owner you optimally profit from the large demand for great vacation destinations in special locations, like those at HUB Resorts.  Would you rather invest for private use, or are you considering a combination between between renting out and private use? This is also possible at HUB Resorts. You are in charge of your own vacation home. Isn't that nice! Are you already curious about the options? Check our brochure!

An impression of your recreation home

Have fun and earn money without any worries

When you invest in a vacation home, you will receive an attractive yield. Our professional rental agency takes care of everything for you. HUB Resorts, for instance, takes care of the daily maintenance of the park and your beautiful home, so you do not have to do anything yourself, except for having lots of fun!  Did you become interested in a recreation home at HUB Resorts? Check the current range of offers below, or contact us at the bottom of the page.

Why invest with us:

  • Luxurious and sustainable homes
  • Professional rental service
  • Interesting yield when renting out
  • Spacious plots on private property

The current range of offers on recreation homes at HUB Resorts:

Invest at HUB Resort in Drenthe or Zeeland

You can currently invest in a recreation home at our sustainable eco resort Drentse Weelde or Knuitershoek. At these resorts we sell various types of sustainable and luxurious vacation villas. At Drentse Weelde you even have various wellness options. These are off the gas grid, all-electric, and feature solar panels and a heat pump. The homes are in a beautiful location by the water.  The resorts have a large range of facilities such as a restaurant, sports pitches, playgrounds, and a yoga spot. There is also lots to do in the natural area. For example, from the resort you and your guests can easily visit the beautiful neighboring National Park Drents-Friese Wold or the Verdronken Land van Saeftinghe. Are you interested in investing in a vacation home? Check our offers or explore the parks.

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