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Holiday home

Investing in a vacation home

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  • Sustainable holiday homes
  • Located in the heart of nature
  • Professional rental agency

Investing in a holiday home at HUB Resorts

Are you looking for a worthwhile investment?  Then HUB Resorts is the place to be!  With us you have the opportunity to invest in a holiday home in the primeval area of Drenthe or in Zeeland. Here you will find Eco Resort Drentse Weelde and Knuitershoek. The perfect place to stay and enjoy yourself with your family. At the same time, you can also receive attractive returns when you rent out the property. Our professional rental agency takes all the work out of your hands, and as an owner, you can take full advantage of the high demand for holiday destinations in these extraordinary locations. Would you prefer a combination of rental and personal use? This is also possible when you choose to invest in a holiday home.

Value investing

When you buy a holiday home as an investment, you will receive an attractive return on it when you decide to rent it out. And we will take care of renting out your property!  We also ensure optimal occupancy and maximum return, and both the holiday homes and resort are maintained by HUB Resorts. This way you can enjoy your investment hassle-free. Has your interest been piqued, and have you become curious about the possibilities? Check out our current offer below, or request the brochure for more information.

Why HUB Resorts?

  • Professional rental and property management by HUB Resorts
  • Luxury and sustainable holiday homes
  • Interesting returns when renting out
  • Spacious lots on private land
  • Expert purchase guidance

A highlight of our beautiful holiday home ⤵

Get to know our holiday resorts and their surroundings

Are you looking to buy a holiday home in Drenthe or Zeeland as an investment?  Then get to know our resorts the Drentse Weelde and Knuitershoek! It is directly adjacent to the National Park Drents-Friese Wold and the Verdronken Land van Saeftinghe (Drowned Land of Saeftinghe). Perfect for hiking, cycling, or mountain biking!  At the resorts themselves, both your guests or you yourself as the owner will also have a great time thanks to the numerous facilities. There are play and sports areas, a supermarket, and a restaurant overlooking the water. Sustainability is paramount at our resorts and you can see it everywhere, both in the holiday homes and at the resorts themselves. The homes are gas-free, all-electric, and equipped with a heat pump and solar panels. Consideration is also given to flora and fauna, including insect hotels, nesting boxes for birds, and a variety of vegetation for dragonflies and butterflies. 

"Time is your most precious asset, spend it well." - HUB Resorts

Discover the special features of our resorts in Drenthe and Zeeland:

In 4 steps an own holiday home:

    1. Orientation phase

    We like a personal appointment and want to meet all your wishes. Have you seen a home that you prefer? We will send you the brochure without obligation!

    2. Viewing

    After this we will schedule an appointment and we will gladly take you around the resort and along the plots. We also show you detailed models and beautiful atmospheric impressions.

    3. The purchase agreement

    Have you decided to make a purchase? Super! We can put you in touch with a mortgage advisor who will help you through the entire process.

    4. The completion

    After the agreements, we will send you to our permanent civil-law notary and you will then be invited for the transfer. After this, enjoying your investment can really begin!

Any questions? Please contact us!

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