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Buying and letting a holiday home

Buying and renting out a holiday home

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  • Sustainable holiday accommodations
  • Professional rental agency
  • Beautiful waterfront location

Buy a second home to rent it out

Would you like to buy a holiday home to rent it out? Then HUB Resorts is the place to be!  HUB Resorts has a nice selection of holiday homes that you can buy to rent out. The holiday homes are located by the water at the resorts the Drentse Weelde and Knuitershoek. The homes can accommodate 4 to 7 people and are located in popular tourist areas.  In short, the perfect location to buy a second home to rent out!  The rental is completely taken care of by our professional rental agency, so you will be completely taken care of. You will also benefit from an attractive return! 

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Carefree enjoyment of attractive returns

Did you buy a holiday home to generate rental income? Congratulations! Our professional rental agency will make sure that you will rent out your holiday home without worries! How great is that?  The biggest advantage is that you benefit from attractive returns. Because we work with various tour operators, we are not reliant on a single organization to rent out your holiday home. As a result, you benefit from better occupancy rates. In addition, online marketing is very important. This will be handled by a marketing agency.  They ensure as many reservations as possible through our website. You can use your own account to view the reservations, invoices, and reviews whenever you please. How convenient! You will always receive your earnings through automated rental accounts. Everything is taken out of your hands, allowing you to enjoy your investment without a worry in the world!

    Online marketing

    We handle the online marketing so that your vacation rental is always highly visible to holidaymakers.

    Online booking system

    Our reservation system offers you real-time insight into reservations, invoices, reviews and allows you to communicate with our front desk. 

    Automated rental settlements

    You always receive revenue on time each month through automated rental settlements.

Anything for you and your guests

You want to make sure your guests end up in a fantastic holiday home. Our holiday homes are sustainable, but most importantly, very luxurious!  If you buy a holiday home to rent out, you are provided with a beautiful view across the water. With numerous biking, mountain biking, and hiking trails nearby, it is the perfect retreat for your guests! There are also several play and sports areas at the resorts, a supermarket, and a restaurant with a panoramic view of the creek. In short, your guests will not be bored!  The holiday homes have tasteful and bright interiors and feature a spacious kitchen, a nice living room, and up to 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Your guests can relax on the patio when the weather is nice. 

In short:

  • Sustainably built
  • Located in Drenthe & Zeeland
  • Purchase assistance by local experts
  • For 4 to 7 people
  • Spacious kitchen, living room, and patio

Which resort are you interested in?

  • Near National Park Drents-Friese Wold
  • High quality waterfront holiday homes
  • Luxury eco resort
  • Unique location in Zeeland
  • Generous lots on private land
  • Distinctive architecture

Frequently asked questions

What is the process of buying a holiday home?

Together with our consultants, you will look for the holiday home that best suits your needs. Here you can also choose between three different styles for the interior. You buy the holiday home including VAT. If you bought the holiday home, you must report it on your annual income tax return. 

Are the holiday homes sustainable?

Absolutely! The holiday homes at HUB Resorts are constructe with sustainable materials. Moreover, the holiday homes are completely gas-free, all-electric, and they have a heat pump and solar panels. This way, your investment is also a sustainable investment!