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Professional rental agency

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  • Investing in luxury
  • Attractive yield
  • Sustainable recreation homes

Carefree enjoyment of your investment

Have you bought that luxurious and sustainable vacation home in Drenthe or Zeeland that you had always dreamed of?  HUB Resorts' professional rental organization ensures that you can rent out your durable recreational property without any worries. In doing so, you benefit from attractive returns. We use the independent booking system by Booking Experts. This allows you to enjoy your investment worry-free!

All the benefits of our professional rental organization ⤵

1. Cooperation with tour operators and OTAs

HUB Resorts cooperates with several touroperators at home and abroad (Germany) so that you are not dependent on one organization to rent your recreational house. This also allows you to benefit from a better occupancy rate, as rentals are arranged through various websites. All tour operators are linked to HUB Resorts' parks, so you won't have to deal with price fluctuations. They always feature the most up-to-date prices, photos, and descriptions!


2. Complete marketing

Online marketing is one of the most important things for HUB Resorts' rental website. You get the most return on bookings through our rental website. Being visible on the websites of tour operators at home and abroad (Germany) is, of course, also nice for you!  Online marketing for our own rental website is provided by the marketing agency Booking Boosters. They ensure that as many bookings as possible come in through our rental website.

Website & Search Engine

The highest possible ranking in Google through a user-friendly website and SEO work.

Google Ads

Always visible at the top of Google with advertisements based on targeted search items and the park name.

Social Media Ads

Always visible on Facebook and Instagram with themed campaigns and beautiful photos.

Affiliate Marketing

Be visible to interesting parties promoting HUB Resorts' parks.

3. Full control of your sustainable recreational home

Do you like to be in control? You will receive a personal account that allows you to log into the Booking Experts system at any time of the day. This gives you insight into the reservations, invoices, and reviews of your recreational home. It is also possible to easily communicate with our rental organization. Even if you want to use your luxury vacation rental yourself, you can indicate this in the system through your personal account!

4. Neat maintenance and automated billing

Having your luxury recreational property rented out by HUB Resorts means worry-free rentals. We take everything off your hands so you can enjoy your investment. You always receive revenue on time through automated rental accounts. Your rent will be paid out monthly. In addition, we at HUB Resorts also provide maintenance and technical management of your vacation rental. This also allows the tenants of the property to enjoy your recreational home to the fullest. 

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Carefree investing with HUB Resorts

Thanks to the combination of our professional rental organization, Booking Experts' reservation system, and Booking Boosters' online marketing, buying a sustainable recreational home is a hassle-free investment!

The benefits of HUB Resorts:

  • Monthly rental income
  • Attractive yield
  • Sustainable recreation homes
  • Full owner-occupancy, rental, or a combination of both
  • Discounts on stays at any other HUB Resorts resorts
  • Interesting last minute arrangement of your vacation home
  • Exclusive access to the owners website

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