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Buying a newly–constructed home

Buying a newly built recreational home

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  • Newly built vacation home
  • Fully meet the latest BENG requirements
  • At unique resorts

Buying a new recreational home?

At HUB Resorts you can buy a newly built recreational home at our vacation resorts.  Investing with HUB Resorts means enjoying a stable return, because with HUB Resorts you invest in the future. We take the time for you and your guests and ensure a high occupancy rate.  In addition, all of our newly built vacation rentals are located on or near the water. Check out our resorts and experience for yourself what it's like to buy a newly built vacation home at HUB Resorts.

Impression of our newly–constructed recreation homes ⤵

Our newly built vacation homes

Interested in purchasing a newly built vacation home? If so, HUB Resorts is the right place for you, as our newly built vacation homes offer the perfect vacation destination for up to 7 people. Also, the homes do not use any gas, are all-electric, and have solar panels. All newly built recreational homes are completely finished. This means that the homes include a beautiful kitchen, brand-new plumbing, and a separate toilet. In addition, you have a choice of two beautiful resorts located in Drenthe and Zeeland. Resort Drentse Weelde focuses on nature, and luxury, flora, and fauna play a major role. Here you also have the choice of various wellness options.  Resort Knuitershoek is within walking distance of the beach and offers peace and quiet, because time is, after all, your most precious possession. Want to know more about the homes? Please feel free to view our brochure.

The advantages of HUB Resorts

When you choose to buy a newly built vacation home, you naturally want to know who you are dealing with. We understand that all too well. Therefore we would like to introduce ourselves to you on the about us page. In addition, if you decide to buy a newly built recreational home, we will take care of everything and you can enjoy your investment without worries because our professional rental organization will rent out your sustainable recreational home at a high occupancy rate.


  • Invest in a newly built recreational home
  • At several spacious, tranquil, luxury resorts
  • Sustainably built according to BENG requirements
  • Purchase guidance from experts in the region
  • Optimal occupancy thanks to our professional rental organization

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