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buying a vacation home with wellness options

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  • With various wellness options
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  • On eco-resort Drentse Weelde

Invest in extra luxury

Buying a vacation home with wellness facilities is a dream that can become a reality. Imagine a place where you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy ultimate relaxation and tranquility. HUB Resorts Drentse Weelde features various wellness options, such as a sunshower, hot tub, outdoor shower or sauna. Having these wellness facilities in your own vacation home provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy quality time with your partner, family, or all by yourself. But your vacation guests will also enjoy it when you rent out your vacation home

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Discover the wellness options

A vacation home with wellness facilities also offers the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing vacation all year round. Whether it is summer or winter, you always have the luxury of enjoying the wellness facilities in your own recreational home. During the colder months, you can warm yourself in the sauna or sunshower or relax in the heated hot tub while watching the snow outside. In the summer, you can take a refreshing dip in the hot tub and cool off under the outdoor shower. Having these facilities in your vacation home ensures that you can enjoy a relaxing vacation, regardless of the season. We offer two types of wellness packages:

Wellness €17,500:

  • Sunshower including rain shower
  • Pellet-fired outdoor hot tub
  • Outdoor shower including dump bucket

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The advantages of a vacation home with wellness

In addition to the personal benefits of a vacation home with wellness facilities, it also offers interesting opportunities in terms of renting out your vacation home. Vacationers are increasingly looking for accommodations with wellness facilities to enjoy luxury and relaxation during their vacation. By buying a vacation home with wellness options, you can take advantage of the growing demand for this type of accommodation and earn an interesting return on your investment. At eco-resort Drentse Weelde, you have the option of partly using the home yourself and partly renting it out. This way you and your guests can both enjoy luxurious wellness.

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