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Resort Knuitershoek

At this unique location in Zeeland the first high-quality recreation villas have already been constructed, and we are now proceeding with the construction of new luxurious villas in various styles. The spacious, contemporary homes will have a timeless architecture, and the facades with gunwales will create a typical Zeelandic look. The spacious plots offer the maximum amount of privacy for a great domestic vacation. Phase 1 has completely sold out, but phase 2 sales have started!

Thanks to the developments at Resort Drentse Weelde, you can immediately benefit from a return. From the moment your purchase a home at HUB Resort, you immediately receive a 4% return during every construction period until the completion of your recreation home! Would you like to know more about the possibilities? Then request our brochure below. 

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Resort Knuitershoek interior
Resort Knuitershoek interior
Resort Knuitershoek interior

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Vacation rental Resort Knuitershoek
Resort Knuitershoek

The sustainable resort

The spacious, contemporary villas are built with timeless architecture. Clapboard facades give the holiday villas a typical Zeeland look. Through the space around the holiday homes, they offer you lots of privacy for a great domestic holiday.