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Buying a summer home

Buying a summer home at HUB

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  • Located by the water
  • For private use or renting out
  • Always a holiday destination in the Netherlands

Create some wonderful memories in your very own summer home

Have you ever dreamed of buying a summer home? At HUB Resorts, we offer several holiday homes in unique locations in Zeeland and Drenthe that you can now become the owner of. Our summer homes are located by the water, so you are always provided with a beautiful view and can cool off in the summer. These homes can accommodate up to 7 people and include the option of having spa facilities. Would you like to receive more information about our summer homes?

Discover our summer homes:

Investing in a summer home from HUB Resorts

When you buy a summer home from HUB Resorts, you will enjoy various benefits. For example, you have the choice of using the property yourself or (partially) renting it out. If you choose to rent out the property, the management and maintenance is handled by our rental agency. Rent is paid monthly through automated settlements. The gasless homes feature a heat pump and solar panels, allowing you to benefit from lower energy costs. Furthermore, you have the option of adding a sun shower, sauna hot tub, and/or outdoor shower.

Why HUB Resorts?

  • Benefit from an attractive ROI
  • In-house rental agency
  • Sustainable summer homes
  • A variety of spa options
  • Spacious lots on private land

The magic of Zeeland or Drenthe

Both holiday resorts of HUB Resorts boast unique locations. Resort Drentse Weelde is located in the beautiful countryside of Drenthe, 20 km below Assen. The resort borders the beautiful National Park Drents-Friese Wold where you can go hiking and biking during the summer. You can also get to Adventure Zoo in Emmen within 30 minutes from the resort.  Resort Knuitershoek is located on the seawall of the Western Scheldt in Zeeland. This resort is close to historic cities such as Antwerp, Middelburg, and Goes. Head out with the kids to the petting zoo, the Regional Museum or the Scheldt Boulevard.  Both resorts offer plenty of activities for both young and old! Would you like a low-threshold introduction to one of our resorts?

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