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De Fortuyn
De Fortuyn
De Fortuyn
De Fortuyn

De Fortuyn



This very spacious, light and stylish six-person villa has an area of 104 m². It has a sloping gable roof with two floors with wide windows overlooking the terrace, towards the yard and the water. This accommodation has a spacious open kitchen on the first floor, a living room with a wide glass facade with sliding doors to the patio and a bedroom with its own bathroom.  The accommodation also has a room that can be used for a sauna, for example, and a storage room for the washing machine and dryer. Type De Fortuyn has a separate toilet on both floors and two bedrooms with two bathrooms and a wide balcony on the top floor. At this accommodation, you can start the day in tranquility on your patio, but also on your balcony with a cappuccino or enjoy a meal with a beautiful view. The accommodations are built sustainably and there is underfloor heating in every house.



ParkDrentse Weelde
Number of rooms4
Number of bedrooms3
Number of bathrooms3
Number of people
6 people
Year of construction2024
Living area104m2
3 bedrooms
3 bathrooms
Wellness package option
Wellness package option available

Asking price

Vacation homeStarting at€379,000.-Excl. VAT
Wellness package€17,500.-Optional


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