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Buying a vacation home on a vacation park

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Your vacation home on our vacation park

Are you thinking of investing in a vacation home with luxury and comfort? At HUB Resorts, we offer you these recreational homes with interesting returns. In addition, you decide how your vacation home will be used. When you choose to buy a vacation home at HUB Resorts, you will benefit from a stable investment. If you choose to rent out your vacation home, you will receive an interesting rental income and everything will be taken care of by our professional rental organization. This ensures that you are always in control, which is nice! 

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The benefits of your investment

When you decide to invest in a vacation home at HUB Resorts you are investing in sustainability!  None of the homes use gas, they are all-electric and have a heat pump as well as solar panels. They are well insulated, ensuring your guests experience optimum comfort in your sustainable vacation home even in the winter months. In addition, three interior packages give you the choice of the atmospheric style in which your home will be rented out.  If you choose to rent out your home either in part or in full, HUB Resorts takes care of everything for you.  From marketing to the booking process, customer contact, cleaning, and maintenance. This way you will have more time to enjoy the investment in your luxury vacation home, because time is your most valuable asset!

A selection of our vacation homes:

Discover HUB Resorts

HUB Resorts has great offers in terms of location and surroundings as well. With as many as three parks, there is a vacation home available in the desired area for everyone. Enjoy the Drentse Weelde where nature is the focus with sustainably designed facilities and flora and fauna for young and old! Or experience the peace and spaciousness at Resort Knuitershoek where the seawall of the Western Scheldt is within walking distance. Resort De Fontein is still under development, would you like to stay informed about this resort? Subscribe to the newsletter of resort De Fontein! Are you interested in a vacation home at HUB resorts? Request the brochure free of commitment.

Choose from three HUB parks!

  • The Drentse Weelde, where nature is the focus!
  • Resort Knuitershoek, peace and quiet on the coast!
  • Resort De Fontein, follow the developments!

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